About Us

About Steyning PPG

The Steyning Patient Partiipation Group was started by Dr. Jennie Ferrie and George Cockman in the early nineties. Its membership comprises all patients registered to Steyning Medical Practice.

Since then, the Group has continued to develop and evolve in response to the changing health environment.  Good Health Magazine is our flagship publication.  Thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers, this is delivered to 4,500 homes in Steyning and District.

The magazine has developed from a slim duplicated newsletter to a professionally printed full colour magazine.  Each edition is financed by our loyal advertisers, and a generous grant from the Wilson Memorial Trust.  The intention is to provide updates on developments at Steyning Medical Practice, new issues arising from the wider health community, including the local Clinical Commissioning Group, and articles of interest and information.

This website is not intended to replace the magazine.  Until recently we produced a regular blog, but as few people actually accessed it, this has been discontinued for the time being.

Our Patient Participation Group is a affiliated tp the National Association of Patient Participation Groups.  We receive updates from them, and improve our information to you accordingly.  We regularly attend meetings and other events organised by the local Clinical Commissioning Group.